Upcoming Guides and Heroic Dragon Soul Updates

Alright people!  I am currently mulling around some ideas for WoW guides.  I do have the framework for several, but now it’s time to put it all together.  I’m going to be introducing a beginner’s guide first, and work from there.  If anyone has any input on a specific guide they would like to see, drop me a line at thetitansgrip@hotmail.com

In other news, for all those casual raiders out there, now is your time to strike.

By now, most of us have downed Deathwing in the Raid Finder.  However, in a graph released by MMO-Champion about a month ago, less than 15% of the sample size (~5.6 million), had gotten past Heroic Spine of Deathwing, and less than 5% had gotten past Heroic Madness.  The numbers since the new buffs that decrease the difficulty of the raid have reached somewhere around 4 times what they were at the end of December.  Either the raid is really, really, hard, or the raid finder has brought about a new bout of laziness in players.

I have not experienced the normal or heroic versions just yet (I’m currently on an alt. leveling binge), but I have heard it is quite difficult, so my money is on that the level of difficulty is much more than anyone had imagined.

In other WoW news, we got a new hotfix! Yay!  But no, not really.  Nothing really substantial has come from it, but here it is anyway:  February 23rd Hotfixes

Other than that, all is quiet on the Warcraft front.  Don’t expect anything substantial within the next few weeks.  The Mist of Pandaria press tour is coming up, so just like before blizzcon, Blizzard is more tight-lipped than usual.

Hope you guys have an awesome day! Looking forward to your feedback!



It’s been awhile…

When I first created this blog, I did so with the intent of bringing the latest WoW news to the public.  Ofcourse, there are many sites already that do this, but I wanted to put my own spin on it.  I also set out with the intent of creating guides to help you better yourself and your playing experience.  However…


My life has become rather hectic over the past few months, and I have not been able to juggle keeping a blog updated with my daily life.  But it’s time to change things around.


I am going to start making my best effort to keep this Blog up-to-date and informative to the best of my ability.  From here, I would also like to begin the stages of creating my own exclusive WoW guide.


If anybody has any ideas or input, feel free to drop me a line at thetitansgrip@hotmail.com


Thank you,




WoW News 11/6/2011

I apologize or the delay, but there have been several pretty cool updates to WoW in the past few days.

I’ll start with the oldest news first:

On the PTR, the full heroic mode of the Deathwing raid is ready for testing, and the Looking for Raid version should be up there as well.  I will be checking into the PTR today to deny or confirm this

Secondly, the inactive Guild Master clause is now in effect on the ptr.  If a Guild Leader should be inactive for 30 days, the next highest rank will have the ability to usurp guild leadership.  If that rank has been inactive for 30 days, it goes down to the next highest rank, so on and so forth.  This is an excellent tool I believe, one that would have really helped in my last guild, before I made my own.  So all you guild leaders out there, you best watch yoself!

The next tidbit of news is that ALL holiday pets will be bind on use in patch 4.3.  Had I known this beforehand, I would have saved the 30 or so sinister squashlings I got from Hallows End!!  Oh well, I accidentally saved 2, which isn’t really a bad thing as my girlfriend, Luscinia, really wanted one but was wrapped up in working, so now she’ll get one after all!!

There has been mention of the “item squish”, but I will get more into that in it’s own post.

And our final bit of news for the day, patch 4.3 is now available in the background downloader!!  This DOES NOT mean that patch 4.3 is live, just simply that enough of the patch is done that you will be able to download a portion of it so that when the patch does go live, you won’t be sitting there for half a day waiting to play.

Personally, I believe that 4.3 will be released mid november-early december, as the raid is now fully implemented on the PTR, but still has some bugs to work out.  Usually the raid being finished means the patch is finished, but like I said, we’ll see!!

Also a sidenote, to all of you who purchased the Guardian Cub via blizzard store or Auction House, don’t be stupid like me and get greedy.  I purchased one from the blizzard store, sold it for 9500 gold, and then bought another one at 6500 gold to sell at a higher price.  Stupid move.  I now have the option of either keep posting it on the AH and hoping to get lucky, of settling for 2000 less.  So yeah, bad move Linhart!!

Until next time,


You have entered the Titan’s Grip

Well where do I begin? First off, hello and welcome to the Titan’s Grip, your resource for all things World of Warcraft!  Were going to have tips, tricks, advice, news, updates, the whole works, all at your disposal.  Why?  Why not?


Let me introduce myself a bit.  I’m Linhart.  I run an alliance Guild called Ex Cinis Cineris on the Turalyon server (NA), and my Girlfriend, Luscinia, runs another branch of the guild on the Icecrown (NA) realm, as horde.

Now the Turalyon realm is our “base of operations”, but we like the idea of expanding, and will hopefully continue expanding our ever growing family.

What’s with the name of the site?  Well to be honest, my main. Linhart, is a warrior.  And I feel that the titan’s grip ability is truly what makes a warrior a warrior.  I mean who doesn’t want to wield 2 huge ass swords.  Really.

Titan’s, as some of you might know, are also the creators of Azeroth.  So I got a bit of a dual meaning going on there.  Pretty smart, huh?

Anyway, again, welcome to the site!  I hope you enjoy your stay, and I look forward to bringing you a bunch of new stuff every week!!


Also, if you have any suggestions, either drop me a line, or comment!!!

Don’t forget to follow me while you’re at it!


Have an amazing day!!