You have entered the Titan’s Grip

Well where do I begin? First off, hello and welcome to the Titan’s Grip, your resource for all things World of Warcraft!  Were going to have tips, tricks, advice, news, updates, the whole works, all at your disposal.  Why?  Why not?


Let me introduce myself a bit.  I’m Linhart.  I run an alliance Guild called Ex Cinis Cineris on the Turalyon server (NA), and my Girlfriend, Luscinia, runs another branch of the guild on the Icecrown (NA) realm, as horde.

Now the Turalyon realm is our “base of operations”, but we like the idea of expanding, and will hopefully continue expanding our ever growing family.

What’s with the name of the site?  Well to be honest, my main. Linhart, is a warrior.  And I feel that the titan’s grip ability is truly what makes a warrior a warrior.  I mean who doesn’t want to wield 2 huge ass swords.  Really.

Titan’s, as some of you might know, are also the creators of Azeroth.  So I got a bit of a dual meaning going on there.  Pretty smart, huh?

Anyway, again, welcome to the site!  I hope you enjoy your stay, and I look forward to bringing you a bunch of new stuff every week!!


Also, if you have any suggestions, either drop me a line, or comment!!!

Don’t forget to follow me while you’re at it!


Have an amazing day!!