WoW News 11/6/2011

I apologize or the delay, but there have been several pretty cool updates to WoW in the past few days.

I’ll start with the oldest news first:

On the PTR, the full heroic mode of the Deathwing raid is ready for testing, and the Looking for Raid version should be up there as well.  I will be checking into the PTR today to deny or confirm this

Secondly, the inactive Guild Master clause is now in effect on the ptr.  If a Guild Leader should be inactive for 30 days, the next highest rank will have the ability to usurp guild leadership.  If that rank has been inactive for 30 days, it goes down to the next highest rank, so on and so forth.  This is an excellent tool I believe, one that would have really helped in my last guild, before I made my own.  So all you guild leaders out there, you best watch yoself!

The next tidbit of news is that ALL holiday pets will be bind on use in patch 4.3.  Had I known this beforehand, I would have saved the 30 or so sinister squashlings I got from Hallows End!!  Oh well, I accidentally saved 2, which isn’t really a bad thing as my girlfriend, Luscinia, really wanted one but was wrapped up in working, so now she’ll get one after all!!

There has been mention of the “item squish”, but I will get more into that in it’s own post.

And our final bit of news for the day, patch 4.3 is now available in the background downloader!!  This DOES NOT mean that patch 4.3 is live, just simply that enough of the patch is done that you will be able to download a portion of it so that when the patch does go live, you won’t be sitting there for half a day waiting to play.

Personally, I believe that 4.3 will be released mid november-early december, as the raid is now fully implemented on the PTR, but still has some bugs to work out.  Usually the raid being finished means the patch is finished, but like I said, we’ll see!!

Also a sidenote, to all of you who purchased the Guardian Cub via blizzard store or Auction House, don’t be stupid like me and get greedy.  I purchased one from the blizzard store, sold it for 9500 gold, and then bought another one at 6500 gold to sell at a higher price.  Stupid move.  I now have the option of either keep posting it on the AH and hoping to get lucky, of settling for 2000 less.  So yeah, bad move Linhart!!

Until next time,



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