Upcoming Guides and Heroic Dragon Soul Updates

Alright people!  I am currently mulling around some ideas for WoW guides.  I do have the framework for several, but now it’s time to put it all together.  I’m going to be introducing a beginner’s guide first, and work from there.  If anyone has any input on a specific guide they would like to see, drop me a line at thetitansgrip@hotmail.com

In other news, for all those casual raiders out there, now is your time to strike.

By now, most of us have downed Deathwing in the Raid Finder.  However, in a graph released by MMO-Champion about a month ago, less than 15% of the sample size (~5.6 million), had gotten past Heroic Spine of Deathwing, and less than 5% had gotten past Heroic Madness.  The numbers since the new buffs that decrease the difficulty of the raid have reached somewhere around 4 times what they were at the end of December.  Either the raid is really, really, hard, or the raid finder has brought about a new bout of laziness in players.

I have not experienced the normal or heroic versions just yet (I’m currently on an alt. leveling binge), but I have heard it is quite difficult, so my money is on that the level of difficulty is much more than anyone had imagined.

In other WoW news, we got a new hotfix! Yay!  But no, not really.  Nothing really substantial has come from it, but here it is anyway:  February 23rd Hotfixes

Other than that, all is quiet on the Warcraft front.  Don’t expect anything substantial within the next few weeks.  The Mist of Pandaria press tour is coming up, so just like before blizzcon, Blizzard is more tight-lipped than usual.

Hope you guys have an awesome day! Looking forward to your feedback!



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